My list of publications.

– Rivas, E. (2005). Recent use of signs by chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in interactions with humans. Journal of Comparative Psychology, 119, 404-417.
– Rivas, E. (2003). GIMME GIMME GIMME. The recent signing behaviour of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in interaction with longtime human companions. Nijmegen University: Unpublished dissertation.
– Rivas, E. (1997). Psychological complexity as a criterion in animal ethics. In M. Dol, S. Kasanmoentalib, S. Lijmbach, E. Rivas and R. van den Bos (Eds.), Animal consciousness and animal ethics (pp. 169-184). Assen: Van Gorcum.
– Rivas, E., & Rivas, T. (1993). The question of animal awareness and the culture of science. In E. K. Hicks (Ed.), Science and the human-animal relationship (pp. 91-93). Amsterdam: SISWO.
– Stafleu, F. R., Rivas, E., Rivas, T., Vorstenbosch, J., Heeger, F. R., & Beynen, A. C. (1992). The use of analogous reasoning to assess discomfort in laboratory animals. Animal Welfare, 1, 77-84.
– Rivas, E., & Rivas, T. (1991). Bewustzijn bij dieren [Consciousness in animals]. Antropologische Verkenningen, 10 (2), 32-40.


– Editor of Animal consciousness and ethics. Perspectives from the Netherlands, together with M. Dol, S. Kasanmoentalib, S. Lijmbach and R. van den Bos.1997. Assen: Van Gorcum.

– Interview by Pouwel Slurink: Kunnen chimpansees een menselijke taal leren? [Can chimpanzees learn a human language?], Filosofie, 17, 4, 17-18, 2007.

– Interviewed about the Great Ape Project for the book De slag om de chimpansees, written by Patrick Meershoek, 2005, Amsterdam: L. J. Veen.

Should you like a copy of (some of) these publications, please contact me.


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