Short Summer course HOVO Rotterdam

Early this Summer I will be giving a short course on animal communication and language research with animals at the Summer Academy of Higher Education for Older People (HOVO) Rotterdam at Erasmus University Rotterdam. It will consist of 4 lessons. In the first lesson we will discuss the characteristics of human language and animal communication and I will present research on the alarm calls of vervet monkeys, meerkats and prairie dogs, which show reference to different types of predators. The second lesson will be about bird calls and bird song. In the third lesson I will present the language research with great apes, my own study of the signing chimpanzees and the results that came out of ape language research. Finally, in the fourth lesson I will discuss recent studies on the communication of dogs, cats and horses and the language research carried out with dogs. The course will be in the afternoon, from 13.30 to 16.00, on the following days: Monday June 25, Tuesday June 26, Monday July 2 and Tuesday July 3. The course will be in Dutch, but passive knowledge of English is required as some of the short films I will show do not have subtitles. And it’s a requirement that you’re 50 years or older in order to participate in this course. For more information and how to register, click here to go to my blog in Dutch.

This Fall I will also give a course about communication and language research with animals for HOVO Brabant, location Eindhoven. This will consist of 6 lessons, on Friday afternoon from 13.00 to 14.45. Dates are: Friday October 26, and November 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30. Information on how to register for this course will follow.


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