Lecture about the intelligence of dogs

On Saturday 15 September I will give a whole day of lecturing about the scientific research on the intelligence or cognition of dogs. It will be organized in cooperation with Dogschool Feedback. Of course we all believe that dogs are smart creatures, but exactly how smart are they and what they understand of the world around them? The past few years has seen a lot of great and interesting studies at multiple universities across the world about the various aspects of dog intelligence. On this day I will present the results and conclusions of this research. I will discuss among other things the following subjects:

The dog Jimmy during a fun play session

  • What do dogs understand of our words?
  • Do dogs understand what humans can see?
  • How good are dogs in solving problems?
  • What do dogs understand about their physical environment?
  • Do dogs express different emotions in separate forms of barking?
  • What is the relation between the intelligence of dogs and their domestication history with humans?

As usual, I will present lots of fun pictures and interesting short films. The day will be held in the Dutch language. The location will be close to Amsterdam and will be made known at a later stage.


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