Lecture about friendships among different animal species

Cats and humans belong to two different animal species and yet a deep bond of strong affection can exist between them. Besides the special relationships between humans and other animals, there are all kinds of cases  of extraordinary bonds between animals that belong to very different species. Great apes can be crazy about cats and dogs, an elephant and a sheep in a sanctuary were inseparable and there’s a pitbull dog who protects duck chicks and relates to them lovingly. Even among natural enemies an affectionate bond can sometimes exist. An example is a female lion who treated a young male antilope as if he was her own young. The special thing about these relationships is that it doesn’t seem to matter for affectionate feelings whether one belongs to a different animal species. A lesson in love that we humans can take as an example.

On Sunday 29 September I give a lecture about this subject on the Cat day in Amstelveen, organized by the Cat behaviour advisory bureau (Kattengedragsadviesbureau). The lecture is called Affection beyond the species barrier. In the lecture I will discuss all kinds of cases of these remarkable friendships and I will try to determine how these special relations come about. Like all my lectures, this one too will contain many pictures and interesting short films.

My cat curled up next to me

The course day on 29 September will be held from 9 to 18 hours and has as its theme Emotions in cats. Besides my lecture, the cat behavioural therapist Marcellina Stolting will present the following subjects:

  • The relationship between cat and owner
  • Cat-friendly handling of cats
  • Traumas in cats
  • The influence of play on the relationship with the owner
  • The influence of pheromones on emotions
  • Can cats be frustrated?

All in all, a very interesting day for anyone who wants to know more about cats and other animals. The course day will be held in Alleman, Den Bloeyenden Wijngaerdt 1, Amstelveen. Costs are 75 euro, including lunch. All presentations will be in the Dutch language. For more information and how to register, click here.


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