My articles on Animal Consciousness now online

Yesterday I scanned all my publications about animal consciousness and uploaded them to my profile on In the 1990s I published several articles on the subject together with my brother Titus Rivas. In these articles we advocate the analogy postulate as the way to assume subjective, phenomenal consciousness or sentience in at least all vertebrate animals. The analogy postulate looks at similarities between humans and other animals in behaviour and nervous system and from these similarities infers the existence of phenomenal consciousness, just as we do when we postulate sentience in other humans. The articles now online on and downloadable there include the 1991 Bewustzijn bij dieren [Consciousness  in animals] published in Antropologische Verkenningen and the 1992 The use of analogous reasoning for assessing discomfort in laboratory animals, published in Animal Welfare. I also uploaded a 2007 interview with me by Dr. Pouwel Slurink about my work with the signing apes in Filosofie. I wish you all lots of reading fun and again, let me know what you think about the articles!



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2 responses to “My articles on Animal Consciousness now online

  1. Dear Steban,

    This is a very good idea. I am going to print them out and read/reread them !

    Pouwel Slurink

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