My chapter on Animal Ethics now online

In 1997 I edited a book about animal consciousness and animal ethics, together with my co-editors Marcel Dol, Kasanmoentalib, Susanne Lijmbach and Ruud van den Bos. We gave it the title Animal consciousness and animal ethics. Perspectives from the Netherlands, published by Van Gorcum in Assen, The Netherlands. In the book scientists and philosophers from The Netherlands wrote a chapter about the issues of animal consciousness and animal ethics. My own contribution was called Psychological complexity and animal ethics: Choosing between hierarchy and equality and discussed the positions in animal ethics of the famous philosophers Peter Singer, Tom Regan and Donald VanDeVeer. I ended up criticizing all of them actually, in that I argue for a view where only phenomal consciousness or sentience is the necessary condition for inherent value and therefore an egalitarianism for all sentient animals is called for. Equal treatment of all sentient animals in practical terms means we stop using nonhuman animals for food or for entertainment purposes such as circuses, stop experimenting on them and stop taking away their liberty such as in zoos.

Today I scanned the chapter from the book and uploaded it to my profile on, a great network site of academicians. You can read and download almost all my publications there. My dissertation, my articles in academic journals and several powerpoint presentations of lectures that I gave about my work with the signing chimpanzees. Click here to go directly to my chapter on animal ethics. Have fun reading and let me know what you think!

Addition from May 28, 2010: The whole book Animal Consciousness and Animal Ethics is now available as a Google Book. You can read it here, but not download it.


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